1 Diabetes? 'Ekah1 Wellcare has a new clinic that can help you out

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1 Diabetes? 'Ekah1 Wellcare has a new clinic that can help you out

Post by Admin on Sun May 27, 2018 8:40 pm

Diabetes impacts over 150,000 people here in Hawaii. 'Ekah1 Wellcare Clinic just launched a new and innovative approach to diabetes care management. We spoke with Blair Grant and Robert Walker from 'Ekah1 Wellcare to find out more.

Q: So what does the new clinic have to offer?

A: Diabetic care management is complex and often requires people with diabetes to seek care from many different providers. 'Ekah1 Wellcare provides many of those resources all under one roof, which can be covered by insurance, including access to: A1C, lipid panel, and microalbumin testing and eye exams
clinical pharmacists, nurse practitioners, medical social workers, behavioral health specialists, registered dietitian, exercise physiologists, and stress management specialists.

Q: May is 'healthy vision month,' how can staying physically healthy and keeping diabetes in control, affect your vision?

A: Diabetes affects the health of our blood vessels. We have very small blood vessels in our eyes, which can be damaged and lead to blindness. Effective management of diabetes can help to prevent the damage from occurring. We also do in-house eye exams, which help to identify if damage is present so that we can take steps to prevent more damage.

For more information, visit ekahiwellcare.com or call 777-4000.

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