Calls to end 'postcode lottery' for Surrey diabetes treatment

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Calls to end 'postcode lottery' for Surrey diabetes treatment

Post by Admin on Sun May 27, 2018 5:52 pm

Those suffering from diabetes in Surrey and Hampshire are facing a 'postcode lottery' over a 'revolutionary' way of testing blood sugar levels say Diabetes UK.
Know as 'Flash' the digital glucose monitoring system allows the checking of sugar levels without having to use the traditional finger prick test.

Currently those living in Surrey Heath cannot access it free on the NHS, unlike the rest of our area.

Bernadette Warren has type one diabetes and has suffers from sight issues because of her condition. She lives in Camberley and can only get access Flash out of her own pocket - something she struggles to afford.

She said "It's really hard to hear that if I lived just down the road it would be free for me on the NHS, my doctor has said I'm a perfect candidate."

"I would cry if I got it on the NHS, I'm sorry but I would, because I would be so relived and it would show me that my CCG is taking this really seriously, taking my diabetes seriously because they want to support me.

"It stops, it stops what I'm doing and one thing that really reminds people with diabetes that they've got diabetes is all this testing and doing things that other people don't have to do and finger prick hurts, it hurts physically, it's not a pleasant experience at all.

Use of the Flash is currently under review in Surrey Heath.

Dr Andy Brooks, Chief Officer of NHS Surrey Heath CCG, said: "Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is continuing to work with other Frimley Health facing CCGs & Frimley Park Hospital to consider the safe and appropriate use of the FreeStyle Libre®️ device [Flash] for those with type one diabetes.

"Local specialists will be participating in a national audit & the evidence gathered will inform future recommendations.

"The CCG is committed to providing the most effective, fair and sustainable use of finite resources using the clinical evidence available to inform the decisions made.

"As commissioners we need to ensure that any new medicines and devices are considered to be safe, cost effective and that NHS resources are used efficiently."

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